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"(P)owerful...startling...Pankow captures every nuance."

-Sidney B. Simon, Sanibel Captiva Islander

Nana's Naughty Knickers


"Katie Pankow stands in the door wearing sky-high dominatrix heels, leather shorts and popping gum. Her air-headed Heather works for Saucy Lips, but really wants to be in a naughty nightie, selling … something? Pankow's maneuvers the set like an Amazon warrior. It's the perfect farcical element, tilting between innuendo ("Listen, I know the cure for a bad day!), snarl and sweetness."

-Chris Silk, Naples Daily News

Boeing Boeing

Boeing Gretchen Mouth.jpg

"Those fiancees are across-the-board funny, too ... especially Katie Pankow as the intense, hyper-aggressive German Gretchen.

I loved Pankow in The Off Broadway Palm's last farce, "Nana's Naughty Knickers," and she goes for broke once again with Gretchen's over-the-top explosive delivery and mannish body language." 

-Charles Runnells, Fort Myers News Press


"Witness a frowning Frankfurt fräulein, played to the growling, guttural hilt by Katie Pankow..." 

-Chris Silk, The Naples Daily News

Mama Won't Fly


"Pankow is the Goddess of Slapstick, the Princess of Pratfalls. (...)

Katie possesses that rare ability to throw herself headlong into the zany predicaments that always seem to befall her characters in the tradition of a Lucille Ball. (...)

But there’s more to Pankow’s performance than the inevitable – albeit well-deserved – comparisons to physical comedy icons like Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett and Tina Fey. Katie has the acting chops to make a clumsy, overstated character like Hayley Quinn seem not just believable, but sympathetic and downright endearing."

-Tom Hall, ArtSWFL 

Things My Mother Taught Me


"Katie Pankow is endearing as the beleaguered OCD Olivia. From the play’s very first scene, Ms. Pankow evinces an understanding and flair for physical comedy and intuitive feel for comedic timing." 

-Tom Hall, Florida Weekly 

The Odd Couple

Odd Couple (7).JPG

"The stage glows with the second-act entrance of the Pigeon Sisters, Gwendolyn (Amy Marie Cleary) and Cecily (Katie Pankow). This pair of slightly naughty English "crumpets," who are Oscar and Felix's upstairs neighbors, wiggle and giggle and flirt and screech, raising the farce element of the play right over the top."

-Louise Wigglesworth, Fort Myers News Press

Swell Party

Swell Party.jpg

"Katherine Pankow was a spot-on Libby Holman Reynolds -- a vamp, a camp and a bit of a tramp."

-Marsha Wagner, Sanibel-Captiva Islander

Red Herring


 "Ms. Pankow’s Maggie is confident and knows how to take care of herself. She has a breezy way about her, and the ability to toss off lines like a diva shrugging off a mink."

-Nancy Stetson, Fort Myers Florida Weekly

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